About Leverage Technologies

Leverage Technologies Inc is a premier service provider of Application/Software Development, Business Consulting and IT Enabled Services to many top performance companies. Founded and operated by highly experienced IT Industry professionals, Leverage Technologies offers world-class IT services to Commercial and Government sector clients, which includes Small, Medium and Large Scale Industries.

Leverage Technologies is a leading provider of business-to-business application implementation and integration services. Our committed professionals aim to provide our clients with software solutions as per their requirements. We are the one of fastest growing companies in Central Pennsylvania; our committed professionals aim to provide our clients with software solutions as per their requirements.

Our vision Leverage Technologies is completely synchronized with that of our customers and we view the projects from first-hand perspective. Our software development process follows the process model which is accepted worldwide. Our Mission Provide services and solutions that exceed our client‘s expectations, with our dedication, integrity and commitment.

Our Core Values

  • Committed Services : We are committed to your 100% satisfaction and guarantee successful completion of your projects. At any point of time our clients have ready access to all the senior management profiles at Leverage Technologies
  • Quality : An inherent goal: Quality is integral to our practices. Processes, documentation and audit systems are in place to ensure that quality standards are maintained and practiced.
  • Delivering Value for Money : Customer satisfaction is our ultimate aim, which we achieve by providing cost effective range of services.
  • Integrity, Honesty & Respect : Acting with integrity always and complying with regulations and ethics ensures that the spirit of any agreement made with us is maintained.
  • Strategic Alliances : We build partnerships with our clients as we work, helping them to achieve their goals faster and in a cost effective manner.
  • Excellence : We are committed to achieving excellence at every stage of the process of the design, development and delivery of software services. All our processes are iterative in nature ensuring our never ending strive for excellence and setting ever-higher standards to achieve.
  • We Value our People : We invest in the quality and effectiveness of our Human Resources. We reward initiative, commitment and outstanding performance. All our staff members are excellent team players. We act in the best interest of our employees, clients, and community, consistently seeking partnership and mutual benefit

Why with Leverage Technologies?

We have developed sophisticated applications in diverse sectors as a result of the proficiency and wide experience of our consultants. We developed reliable business relationships with a number of clients.

Working with Leverage Technologies you get the following advantages:-

  • Cost Effective Solutions Within your reach: State-of-the-art communication infrastructure at Netsity ensures that limitations posed by remote client sites and physical boundaries are overcome by virtual channels of communication thereby making our cost effective solutions within your reach.
  • High Quality Standards Assured and preserved: We strive for perfection in absolutely everything we do. Thus, our success has come as a result of hard work and complete dedication to achieve customer satisfaction. To put it simply, if there is anything that we can do to make our services better, we will do it.
  • Our Employees Our strength: We invest in our Human Resources, as we strongly believe that our assets are our people. We have one of the lowest attrition rates in the IT industry because of the growth avenues our company provides to its people. Continued patronage and sustained business from our clients enables our consultants to sharpen their already polished skills by working on cutting edge technologies. Our recruiters have the expertise to find the candidates armed with exactly the skills and attitude you seek.
  • Customized Solutions Our specialization: We offer software solutions that are custom-made just for you, keeping in view your unique requirements. Thus the software bends to the needs and demands of your business and not the other way around, henceforth, enabling your employees to function more efficiently.
  • Offshore staffing Extending outside support: You can staff your IT resources offshore thereby ensuring substantial cost savings. You can also choose to retain total project control and outsource only a part of development work. Under offshore staffing, development is conducted remotely and a part of our offshore development centre becomes a remote extension of your office. If needed we can also recruit consultants exclusively for your requirements after you thoroughly screen them. We provide managed services and facilities so that you can monitor the performance of consultants on regular basis. Consultants would be expected to work under your direct supervision and undertake project work as per your guidelines and specifications.
  • Effective Client Relationship Nurtured and encouraged: We actively seek your involvement at all stages of the solution development process. Today, Leverage Technologies has a large customer base in global markets that vouches for our remarkable services.